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Mental Health

The mind, with its thoughts and ideas, is how we create and experience our world. Considering the importance of the mind in our lives, our focus is on educating others on how their minds function and also the importance of implementing mindfulness techniques. From this place of understanding and nurturing of the mind, both children and parents are in an optimal position to live and maintain a healthy, happy life.

Fundamentals of the Mind facilitated by Fiona Williams; Author of "My Mind Book", Clinical Hypnotherapist, Erickson Certified Professional Life Coach, Facilitator of "A Course in Miracles"

Mindfulness facilitated by Tamara Hackett; Author of "Mindful ABCs" and "Mindful 1,2,3", Bachelor of Applied Child Studies Degree, Children's Mental Health Certificate


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Physical Health

Being physically active is about so much more than getting your heart rate up, it's also about expelling negative energy so it doesn't remain within the body! Physical activity and deep breathing are really coping mechanisms, a way that we can help balance our energy and emotions where we are giving any pent-up energy a place to go. Specifically, children will be taught yoga, deep breathing and relaxation techniques, strengthening their bodies and giving them a healthy foundation for their futures!

Yoga facilitated by Ciara Gossen; RYT 200, Yoga for the Special Child LLC

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Nutritional Health

Food is the fuel for our lives! It feeds our bodies the nutrients it requires thereby giving us the energy we need to make the best of our days. We provide an informational and instructional guide which highlights WHY to make healthy food choices on a daily basis! There will also be a focus on prevalent food chemicals which cause accumulative damage to the body and contribute to mood disorders in children and adults and how to avoid consuming such chemicals.

Eating is a part of a healthy, happy life and deserves to be enjoyed! As a "Thank You!" for participating in our classes, each family will receive a FREE Healthy, Happy Nutritional Guide.

Guide created by Julie Williams; Certified Nutritionist FNMT, Red Seal and Culinary Chef


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There is a better way of living; we may not always see it, or believe it, but it is there. To live healthier and happier is a choice! The best choice you can ever make! This path of betterment requires more than just reading, it requires implementation, especially when the going gets tough!

We believe that families and home life are the key contributors to how children learn about and also perceive their world and their life experiences. As adults we are always demonstrating our behaviour to children, therefore it is a team effort to model for children healthy coping mechanisms and a happy, confident perspective on life. Their development is nurtured by the family as a whole. With that in mind, we are committed to providing guidance, education and support for helping families create a healthy, happy home and therefore, life.

Our focus is on the four essential elements of living, the mind, nutrition, breath and physical activity. As humans, we ingest three of these four things every day; food, air and thoughts. To best support children, it would be helpful to keep all three of these vitals of the highest quality.

Then there is how we expend our energy, and this is where physical activity, hobbies and being creative come into play. Again, to best support children in their development, it would be helpful to encourage them to laugh, be physically active and play.

We are excited to work with the families in our community so we may help enhance lives, teach important skills and support the love of a healthy, happy life.

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